What We Do

Hinduism Advocacy

The World Hindu Federation ( WHF ) is a Hindu advocacy organization educating and interacting with leaders in public policy about issues affecting the Hindu Diaspora communities. WHF constantly reaches out to and meets with policymakers, key stakeholders &  governments in order to develop enduring and reciprocal relationships in the cause of Hindu concerns. WHF  advocates on their behalf towards governments, parliaments, international organizations and other faiths. The WHF represents the plurality of the Hindu people and is non-partisan.

Countering Anti-Hinduism

WHF has pursued administrations in Asia & Europe, to speak out against rising anti-Hinduismwithincountries in these regions.From public policy leaders to interfaith activists to community leaders, WHF has shown a commitment to recognizing those who work to strengthen the ideals of pluralism, tolerance and understanding.

Interfaith Dialogue

WHF  has pioneered in advancing interfaith understanding. Fundamental to our mission is the belief that the well-being of Hindu communities is linked to that of other faith groups around the world. Building coalitions to advance shared interests and supporting democracy and pluralism have been central to our inter-religious endeavours. WHF is actively addressing the new challenges and opportunities arising from the rapidly changing religious composition of various countries. WHF’s global reach strengthens religious dialogue across the planet.

Human Rights

WHF’s human rights agenda is pursued primarily through calling attention to human rights issues of core importance to the Hindu diaspora communities, i.e., by combating religious intolerance, torture, and discrimination (whether based on race, religion, sex, or another status), and preventing the indifference that can lead to extreme forms of expulsions, expropriation, forced conversions, denial of basic fundamental rights & genocide either sanctioned by organs of States or through Non-State actors.Reaching out to and developing relationships with various faith and interfaith groups have always been a part of WHF’s advocacy efforts. WHF works with these groupings on common issues such as religious freedom and hate-speech.

Cultural Outreach

Outreach activities involve our active members bringing Hindu culture to a wider audience. Activities include teaching Hindu history, puranic storytelling, explaining Hindu rituals, vegetarianism, darshan shastra, dissemination of Hindu religious literature, lectures on the great epics & Bhagavad Gita, Hindu performing arts, Sanskrit drama, yoga & meditation, popularizing Hindu festivals and bringing Hindu culture to life via presentations of important Hindu traditions and their significance. Outreach programs bring Hindu educators to schools & universities, academic groups, community centres, youth camps and local festivals.


WHF’s advocacy in the academic world ensures a fair and accurate depiction of Hinduism in school and university syllabi. The WHF continues to develop relationships with academics and bestows endowments to first-rate scholars who advance through their work to a fair, accurate, and balanced portrayal on Hinduism.